My Story


I grew up in a fairly standard suburban family. I had friends and hobbies. I was well loved: I was lucky.  Then at aged twelve my world fell apart when my father died quite suddenly.  I carried on nonetheless and in spite of everything. I did well at school and made it to university. Then at university I had a period of heavy depression which was linked to my earlier trauma. Despite this I mustered up the strength to plough on and get my degree, which ultimately led me on to have a career in the law. I was a survivor and more than that, I had taken my adversity and used it to gain strength.

Cue several years down the line and I experienced some intense stress after having some difficulties in my personal life. It was at this point in time that a penny dropped. I had a very strong realisation that I had the power to choose to move forwards and manage my own healing by developing a new positive awareness into my thoughts and feelings. I could choose to be the victim or I could choose to master my stress and be more aware of my thoughts and the effect that they had on me. I started to channel this new-found awareness to empower myself to get back to work and move on with my life. I then made my own personal growth a priority.

What this all made me realise was that throughout my own journey the periods of darkness, conflict or stress were always opportunities to grow and to improve myself and my life. I firmly believe that when you experience difficulty in life, it is simply a call for you to open to more light and to grow or expand into new ways of being. I see challenging phases of life as invitations to be closer to our true potential.

I now teach people how to find their own ‘present awareness’ in times of stress, conflict and difficulty and to look for the routes to growth and positive change. I have a teaching qualification in mindfulness based cognitive therapy approaches.

I also work with individuals and organisations to help them uncover the causes of difficulty or conflict and to seek out new ways of managing it. I have nearly twenty years’ experience in courtrooms and have a good insight into why people tend to fall out and what helps to resolve it. I am also a qualified mediator. My unique personal and professional experience enables me to provide a bespoke service for people.

Contact me if you would like to work with me directly.

Photograph by Catherine East