My services

Do you feel that you are stuck or being held back by a situation at work or because of challenges in a relationship with a colleague, partner or family member?

Do you feel that you want to move forwards into a happy, peaceful and positive future?

Do you want to change your situation for the better and use it as an opportunity to grow into a better more powerful version of you?

Do you feel that it is time to step up but that you need someone to give you that push in the right direction?

I believe conflict, challenge and adversity provide a great opportunity for positive transformation so that you can move forwards in a more confident, happier and empowered way.

If you work with me I will fast track you to the silver lining!

I am a conflict expert and mediator. I work intuitively and have a particular ability to get to the heart of the matter and see things for what they are. As a former barrister I am used to advising and providing impartial opinions in conflict. I also have a qualification in mindfulness based cognitive therapy.

I offer suggestions and guidance but ultimately the power is with you to take action. I will support and encourage you throughout. All sessions are confidential and can be carried out by phone, on Skype or via the Zoom app.

I offer six sessions so that we can work together to bring about resolution. During the Corona crisis I am offering all my new clients a 50% discount.

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