Hi and thanks for visiting my website.

I’m Ally. I’m a UK-based coach, writer and trainer. I spent the first fifteen years of my career in court rooms around the country, representing people from all walks of life in all sorts of different situations.

After some years juggling a career and parenthood, like many people, I realised that I wanted to get out of the rat race and find some meaning and purpose. I had achieved a good income and status. I was most likely the envy of others for what I had but I did not feel a sense of wealth or status inside.

My quest for happiness took me on a challenging journey of self discovery through which I ultimately realised that instead of looking outside of myself for what I needed, everything was within. Life then became easier, happier and more peaceful and I was better able to cope with the challenges life threw at me. I was better able to understand them and accept them, rather than react to them as a victim. I saw them as opportunities to to develop qualities such as patience, resilience, self care and self mastery.

I now work with people, helping them to approach their lives with greater ease and empowerment so that they can better manage stress and adversity. I use various techniques including my problem-solving experience as a lawyer and mediator and an approach based in mindfulness and being present.

I offer one to one sessions and workshops to individuals and employers. Please contact me for details at alifrazerblog@gmail.com.

Photograph by Catherine East catherineeast.co.uk