Present Me

24th September 2019 0 By Ally Frazer

anil-jagatap--ss6L9NbrjU-unsplashThe answer to most negativity lies in being in the here and now; observing thoughts and emotions and then letting them pass by. It sounds like a cliche but the more you let go, the easier life becomes and the more energy you have as you’re not wasting it on unhelpful thought patterns. It’s not an easy task while the mind does it’s best to whip up attachments to thoughts or feelings and to make judgments about almost everything.

You can help yourself throughout the day to be present just by noticing your breathing and by reminding yourself to come back into your body, perhaps feeling your feet on the ground or your back against the chair. One of my favourite techniques I use to bring myself back from my thinking mind is to listen to sounds nearby and then far away without making any judgments about what I can hear and without labelling the sounds themselves. The more you practice being present, the easier it becomes until you can feel that you are present when you’re having a conversation with people (which is a great gift to the person that you’re listening to).

Last weekend, I had a burst of creativity and wrote the following poem which I hope provides some insight into the magic of being here and now and the treasure (and perhaps, relief) we find in fully inhabiting our senses. It’s called ‘Present Me’.

‘I’m sad’, I said.

‘Feel into it,’ said Present Me.

I let the sadness swish around,

Lapping at the edges of my heart

In gentle melancholic waves,

And then it ebbed away.


‘I’m lonely’, I said.

‘Be present to the sounds of the trees whistling in the wind’

Said Present Me.

I listened.

I became the trees and the wind.

And the loneliness ebbed away.


‘I’m scared’ I said,

‘Be present to the feeling of your feet on the ground’

Said Present Me.

I felt the specks of dust tickle my toes

And the earth take my heels.

The fear ebbed away.


‘I’m without’ I said,

‘Be present to the fullness of the moment

Said Present Me.

I let the in breath caress my lungs

And the out breath rinse my cares.

The lack ebbed away.


‘I need love’ I said

‘Look inside’

Said Present Me

I rested my gaze deep within

And the need to be loved ebbed away.