A warm welcome to my blog!

3rd December 2018 0 By ally-user

Hi. I’m Ally Frazer and a very warm welcome to my blog. I am a UK based mediator, trainer, facilitator and writer.

My mission is to help people build more empowered and compassionate relationships at home and at work. I am a problem solver and love helping people in sticky situations get unstuck.

We humans can build cities, develop new technologies and conquer the sea, land and air

We have smart phones and laptops but when it comes to communicating what we really want to say we can’t quite find the words to say it.

We are in work or marriages with others, expecting more and more from our loved ones and colleagues. Yet when we communicate with each other, we often find that we are speaking in entirely different languages.

When people are in a dispute or are experiencing relationship breakdown, they are often unable to move forwards themselves and give their power and money over to third parties (like lawyers) to find a solution for them. The more stressed people become, the less empowered they are and the more they yield control to outside agents.

The reality is: the more you can manage your stress, the more creative you can become and the more empowered you are move forwards, limiting any damage to yourself or any relationships that you might need to preserve.

Like everyone else, I have experienced difficulties in relationships. Hell is other people as they say. Through my own life experience I have learnt that communication is key: that sometimes it is better to say what you mean and mean what you say than making assumptions or harbouring resentments. I have also learnt that sometimes it is better to let things go and to move on rather than throwing more and more precious energy at a useless situation. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with people from all walks of life in my professional career as a lawyer. Most humans are the same and only want a peaceful life at the end of the day (although it might not seem like it for some)!

In this blog I will be publishing regular articles with tips on how to improve communication, manage conflict and improve your overall happiness in your relationship with yourself and others. Enjoy the writing and do feel free to ask me any questions at any time!

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